4 Unexpected Tiny Bathroom Ideas (the Anti-Mainstream Inspiration)

Everyone must have a hope to get a large bathroom at their house. However, the reality sometimes hits you hard. You must give a space for another room and leave a tiny space to build a bathroom. if you face this case, you better look for tiny bathroom ideas.

There are plenty ideas of decorating tiny bathroom. You must be creative when it comes to small space. The comfort room may depend on your creativity. Looking for sources which provide creativity can be a best way like you can see below.

Be Creative with the Tiles

tiny bathroom ideas

Tiles can be an option which creates a spacious room. You might never realize it before, so you better highlight it now. There are two ways you can do with tiles. To know more, please read it on.

  • Putting same tiles for bath and wall

It is a good decision to put the same tiles for the bath and wall. It will look like a unity and surely makes space look larger. You can go with marble tiles.

  • Putting same tiles for the walls and floor

It is not different with previous suggestion. You only put the same tiles for the floor and walls. This will make the same look for tiny bathroom. As a sample, you can select natural stone tiles.

Place Vertical Storage in the Bathroom

useful tiny bathroom ideas

In addition, one thing that should be highlighted in tiny bathroom ideas is the storage. Since it is about tiny bathroom, we should not forget that there is no much space to place things or furniture. Therefore, try to place vertical kinds of stuff inside the bathroom.

There are several ideas we can go with it. There are several things you can opt for to be placed in your bathroom. Remember that all of these goods are in vertical design.

  • Vertical cabinet

Do you need a cabinet inside the bathroom? Be wise by choosing vertical cabinet in which you can place several kinds of stuff.

  • Wall-hung units

One tiny bathroom idea that’s worth to try is to place more wall-hung units. You can go with several wall-hung units for towels. If you want to be unusual, try to hang your minimalist cabinet on the wall. This will be effective to make your room larger.

Play With White Color Scheme

White Color Scheme

The color scheme is necessary thing to consider. Giving white color scheme is a good choice, especially for small bathroom ideas. White ambiance gives a spacious feel when it is placed inside the bathroom. In this case, you can choose some furnishings with white color.

Put On Eye-Catching Wallpaper

Wallpaper is another way to be applied in your tiny bathroom. It is such a good distraction and will make a good statement for bathroom. Try to look for a unique or even a bold print to make it focal point of the bathroom.

Although this is a nice idea, you must select right paper that’s suitable with bathroom condition. Above all, this idea is one of favorable tiny bathroom ideas.

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