Top 4 Must-Visit Surabaya Tourism Destinations You Should Know

As one of the biggest and the most populated city in Indonesia, Surabaya is full of crowd. From the day till night, this city won’t be quiet. Unfortunately, this city is not one of the famous holiday destinations but more known as a business city. Even so, Surabaya still has some charms with quite a several interesting Surabaya tourism destinations. What are they? check out this article for more information about the tourism destination.

Surabaya’s As The Biggest City In East Java

You should understand that this city is regarded as the center of East Java. Mainly as the capital of East Java, this city is like the central hub of government, transportations, and business. It has port and airport where export and import occur. You may think that there is not enough attraction here. But still, this city also has some interesting destinations. There are some old historical buildings, parks, attractions, café, pub, and many other places.

Surabaya’s Must-Visit Holiday Destination

1. House of Sampoerna

This place is located at Taman Sampoerna no.5. You can use rent car Surabaya and drive to this location to witness the majestic historical building and museum of Indonesian cigarettes business, Sampoerna. You can learn and observe the fast pacing almost lightning fast hand-rolled cigar production. Or you can enjoy the museum’s old – classic – themed café and gift shop while admiring the art installation and building.

2. Air Mancur Menari At Kenjeran

Spare a tad bit of time to visit the infamous dancing fountain near the Surabaya bridge at Kenjeran. Inaugurated on July 9, 2016, the 800- meter dancing fountain along with the spectacular view of the bridge has turned the place into a hip tourist destination. Equipped with colorful and beautiful lightings, the fountain successfully attracts tourist and make the coastal area look even more modern and attractive.

3. Monkasel Submarine Visit

Monkasel Submarine Visit

If you use rent car Surabaya’s service, take time and visit the infamous Russian Submarine – Monkasel. This historical submarine is known as one of the wartime vehicle that services Indonesia shortly after Indonesian independence. After being decommissioned and a long time being unused, the Momkasel was turned into a tourist attraction. You can venture, explore, and tour the interior of the submarine that rest on Jl. Pemuda.

4. Mangrove Wonorejo

Doesn’t have mountainous areas, doesn’t means unable to attract tourist with beautiful nature destination. Mangrove Wonorejo ecotourism area is one of the must-visit Surabaya tourism destinations. Called as Bamboo forest, this area offers you the views of green and lush mangrove forests. Tracking down the path, you will later able to explore the forest without afraid of the tide. This place is located at Jl. Raya Wonorejo No.1.

Those are some places you should visit when staying at Surabaya. As one of the business-centered cities, Surabaya might not have a lot of holiday destinations. However, at some point, there are still some charming stops. From the historical Sampoerna house, the newly established dancing fountain of Kenjeran, the lush green mangrove forest, and the famous Monkasel submarine, there are many more Surabaya’s holiday destinations that worth to visit.

Things To Do For Remarkable Surabaya Nightlife Moments

Surabaya is one of the biggest city in Indonesia. Even though it is not necessarily the must-visit place in Indonesia, but this city has a lot to offer. Thriving with the busy street and honking cars during the day, there is much more to enjoy at the nighttime. You can enjoy the Surabaya Nightlife parties, spend the night with family, or just relax. Take this list as your recommendation.

Hit The Night Parties At Pub And Club

1. Jimmy’s Club and Lounge

Open from 10 pm to 3 am, this location is worth to visit for all the night goers. Being part of the infamous JW Marriott Hotel, this place has fantastic live performances by all the DJ Nights and bands. Located in the JW Marriot Hotel, at 85 – 89 Jalang Embong Malang you will be met with hi-tech facilities, attended a few working girls, and crowding dance floor which almost on all days of the week.

2. Our Bar

Enjoy having drinks in the relaxing setting both indoor or outdoor? Visit Our Bar. This particular bar has both indoor as well as the stunning relaxing outdoor area. While the outside area offers a calm atmosphere, the indoor bar will give you the best DJ nights and music shows. Located at 17 Embong Cerme, this Bar will be open from 5 PM to 1 AM. Rent car Surabaya is available for you who are looking for transportation.

Family Friendly Night Out At The Night Market Or Carnival

1. Pasar Malam Kodam

If you are visiting Surabaya with the family, you can bring them to enjoy the nightlife by coming to Pasar Malam Kodam. Located at JL. Raden Wijaya No. 2, Wonokromo, this place is perfect for food and shopping junkies. You can found lots and lots of stalls selling foods, toys, clothes, or even home décor. While here take a chance to try Indonesian traditional delicacies.

2. Surabaya Night Carnival

Looking for a bit of thrill? Come and bring your family to play with amusement rides in these places. Open for all the days throughout the week, you can use rent car Surabaya and drive to Jalan Ahamad Yani no.333 at Dukuh Menenggal. Many attractions are open for the night, and best visited at night. There are merry go round, Ferris wheel, Pirate Ghost Ship, etc.

Relaxing Night At Surabaya

While you are in Indonesia, there is nothing wrong with trying the Indonesian massage technique. Many spas are set up in this city to give you the most relaxing and serene Surabaya Nightlife. Some places that open quite late are Tirta Ayu Spa Royal Gallery Kayoon (from 10 AM – 9 PM) and Vous Spa which is ready to serve you till 11 Pm.

Those are things you can do to liven up your night time at Surabaya. Being one of the busiest city in Indonesia, this city offers different charm during the night. You can join the party at some pubs or clubs, relax and enjoy the night at a spa, or bring your family to spend the night at the night markets. Get your memorable nightlife moments in Surabaya with all those recommended activities and locations.