Secret Tricks to Make Dream House Plans

Regardless of the use of architects or interior designers, the ability to be able to express ideas and ideas through house plans is very useful and useful for you.

Good for communicating personal needs and desires to selected architects or designers, or getting an idea of ​​what your own ideas are in the form of a house plan.

No need to worry about having trouble learning how to make a basic house plan, this time will review the initial practical steps to make your dream home plan.

Come on, see tips and how to sketch the following house plans!

Start by Gathering Inspiration and References


The first step before imagining the framework of the design of the house and putting it in the form of a plan is to add references and inspiration from existing works.

You can look for inspiration and ideas by going for a walk, going to an exhibition or reading a magazine to find a house plan that has the type and style of design approaching your desires.

Blog decoration can also be a reference land.

Determine Needs and Create Space Programs for House Plans


Knowing the space requirements is mandatory before starting to draw a house plan.

Start making a list of activities and activities that you and other residents of the house will do and what spaces are needed to accommodate these activities.

Don’t forget service areas such as the bathroom, kitchen or pantry room, and storage space or laundry room if needed.

The Process of Making a House Plan

  1. Start by Sketching a House Plan with Lines

Now you have a house plan reference and also know what room you want is in your house plan. Start sketching with lines.

Draw the site or land you have scalatically.

For simplicity, you can use a special millimeter block paper that will help each line pull in accordance with the scale you want.

  1. Implement the Space Program on the House Plan

Start entering every space you want on the land you have drawn by drawing up and making spaces in the house plan.

Don’t forget to consider the size of the room according to the standard of good size, so that every room in the house plan has enough size.

  1. Perform a Trial and Make an Alternative to the House Plan

When entering space and adjusting the size of the space in your house plan, you may encounter obstacles, starting from the position of the room that is not so right, or the land that does not fit.

For that you may need to overhaul the sketch of the house several times to find the formula and layout plan that fits you best.

Sometimes, you also need to delete space functions that are not so priority or combine their functions with other spaces so that all space needs can be properly fulfilled in the plan.

  1. Give Details of the House Plan and Start the Furniture Arrangement on the House Plan

After finding the most appropriate order, it’s time to give details on the sketch you have. Starting from adding wall thickness, door design and window models (complete with the direction of the openings), to start arranging furniture and furniture in every room in the floor plan.

The more detail, the better.

  1. Final Stage: Reevaluating the Plan of the House You Have Made

You can also do this final stage with professional staff such as architects and interior designers that you design to realize your dream plan.

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