Scout History in the World

Speaking of scouting around the world, people often associate with the name of a formidable male figure.

The man is Lord Robert Baden Powell of Gillwell. He was the one who founded the Scout movement in the world.

Scout history in the world and Indonesia originated in the United Kingdom.

Scouts or Praja Muda Karana is an internationally developing organization.

However, this is not a special plan compiled by Baden Powell.

Rather, it is seen from the benefits of the Scout itself, so that people in the world accept Scout organizations.

Where in it a lot of contributions from Baden Powell for the Scout movement.

Gait Scouts themselves are very good in the community.

Because this organization brings its members closer to nature, socially and strengthens relations with God.

Even the members have a certain level according to the age of money owned.

Understanding Scouts


Scouts are scouting organizations or movements that become a forum for scouting education processes carried out in Indonesia.

In the international world, Scouts are called the Scouting wife (Boy Scout).

Sedangkang other scout group members namely scout coaches, Andalana, coaches, Pamong Saka, quartering staff and supervising assemblies.

To become a scout must also be appointed as a member by making a promise (satya) scouts first.

The aim of the Scout Movement


Scout Movement as a scout education organizer which is part of national education.

With the aim off ostering young people in achieving spiritual, social, intellectual and physical potential. The Scout Movement manifests itself in:

  • Form the personality and noble character of young people
  • Instill nationalism, love the country and defend the country for young people
  • Improve the skills of young people, so that they are ready to become useful members of society, patriots and formidable fighters.
  • Become a candidate for a reliable nation leader in the future.

Scout History in the World


Scouting history in the world began when Baden Powell recorded his experience in the book Scouting for Boys in 1908.

The book was deliberately created as a guide in the campsite he initiated.

Not only in the UK, this book is also in demand in other countries.

So that Scout organizations sprang up aimed at boys only.

In 1912, together with Agnes who was the younger sister of Baden Powell, he founded the Pramua organization for women by the name of Girl Guides.

In 1916, the Scout organization was established for standby.

The organization is named CUB (child wolf). Then in 1918, the establishment of Rover Scout was a group for 17-year-olds.

And in 1922, Baden Powell again published the book Rouvering to Success.

Where the book tells the story of a young man who immediately paddled his boat to a happy beach.

On July 30 to August 8, 1920 at Olympis Hall, London, a total of 800 Scout participants took part in the world jamboree for the first time.

This jamboree was attended by 34 countries.

And in the event, Baden Powell was named the Father of World Guides (Chief Scout of The World).

And in the same year an International Council of Scout organizations was formed with 9 members.

Where the City of London is the worldwide Scouting secretarial office.

Yang then moved to Ottawa, Canada in 1958 and moved again to Geneva, Switzerland in 1968.

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