4 Great Influences of Pop Culture (The Effect of Consuming Mass Culture)

Do you listen to the newest pop songs on your online playlist? Do you often go to a nearby movie theater to watch the latest releases? Music, books, and other kinds of manmade productions exude pop culture. It has always been a part of your life, even if you do not realize that. This type of culture constantly transforms just like people’s lives. In return, it also influences your life.

The Culture Provides Room for Exploration

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This type of culture is society’s product. It reflects attitudes, ideas, and behaviors of people in the certain time period. Things that are popular today may not be familiar to people in the past or future. The reason is that qualities reflected in a culture consistently evolve across time.

You may not be familiar with philosophy or norms that are adopted by people in different parts of the world. Contemporary culture helps to spread that out to you. You can try and see whether those new ways suit you. Here are ways to explore mass culture to gain the utmost benefit.

  • Watching influential movies.
  • Reading thought-provoking books.
  • Listening to music from social critics.
  • Joining some important rallies.
  • Browsing the latest news.

Forming Groups in Our Society

The culture takes many forms. As stated previously it can take form in entertainment. Fashion style, technology, language, and politics are also parts of popular culture. Any medium that is used in society at a time will receive influence from the contemporary culture.

Because pop culture has variations, people have more option to choose one that suits their taste. Those who share a similar preference for cultural products usually form a group together. The group helps these people expressing themselves better.

The Culture Shapes Contemporary Marketplace

Consumerism is a major ideology that drives the current society. That is why it is not strange that current popular culture reflects that ideology. This type of culture is expected to generate products that will appeal to the public mass. It also serves as a strategy to market those products.

People, especially of younger age groups, tend to flock around something new and trendy. They want to look cool to others and keeping up to date is one way to do it. When new clothes, music, or gadget is released you can see many people buying it.

The spread of new trends is aided by mass media with the medium of popular culture’s products. Song charts, fashion shows, and movies are examples of the use of cultural products to promote consumerism.

Composing Human’s Perception

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What we are consuming will define the way we perceive our world. This statement is especially true when it comes to contemporary culture products. Movies, clothes, food, technology, and other cultural products that we enjoy really shape your view about the world.

How does that happen? The culture of the mass heavily carries values, norms, and practices that our society has. When you are enjoying its products, you also consume the contents that they have. Because of that, without realizing those contents are also internalized.

Pop culture will shape the perception of yourself which deeply affects your identity as a human. It also forms your perception of the environment. That will affect your interaction with the outside world.

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