3+ Free Charge Toursim Places

You want a vacation to a tourist spot that is free of charge or free of charge! Lots of people in Malang have tourist attractions without the need to pay anymore. The city of Malang which is famous for its cold temperatures permeates the body and the place where the arema earth stands does have a lot of diversity. The diversity intended here is in terms of tourist attractions and culinary. Discussing things like this, on this occasion will be discussed about 6 unfortunate tourist attractions that are free of charge. And, including the following:

Jodipan and Tridi Villages

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One place that really cannot be missed while in Malang is Jodipan and Tridi villages. This free of charge Malang tour cannot be skipped especially for you who are a celebrity or something. Jodipan and Tridi villages are located on Jalan Temenggungan Ledok, Kesatrian, Malang.

The locations of Jodipan and Tridi Villages are on the banks of the Brantas river, besides that the imagery displayed by Jodipan and Tridi Villages is the walls of houses and the banks of the river are not too monotonous when seen directly. Jodipan and Tridi villages are colorful places with bali bike rental and the best and coolest photo spots and places.

Sipelot Beach

Another free of charge Malang tourist spot is the Sipelot Beach. This beach is no less interesting than Jodipan and Tridi villages. The beach in Malang is very beautiful and still beautiful environment. To be able to get to Sipelot Beach, access is taken and it is very easy for everyone. What can you enjoy there? Which can be enjoyed on this Sipelot Beach is a beach where the white sand is protruding into the coves.

Taman Trunojoyo
Another place that is a Malang free of charge tour is Trunojoyo Park. Trunojoyo Park is located on Jalan Trunojoyo, Malang, East Java. The concept of the construction of the Trunojoyo Park uses themes that can be used as comfortably as possible by families outside the room. In Trunojoyo Park, there is a comfortable and cool stretch of park. In addition, in this park you can enjoy the facilities available like Wi-Fi and also the bathroom.

Malang City Square
One of the places that is free from the name of the entrance fee is Malang City Square. The location of this square is on Jalan Merdeka Selatan, Kiduldalem, Malang. What can you enjoy when you are in Malang City Square? What you can enjoy is the beauty of plants and flowers planted neatly and astonishing. In addition, access from this path can be passed comfortably and there can be a fountain in the middle of the park.

Sirah Source Baths
One of the tours without any fees is the Sirah Source Bath. What you can get when you visit the bath is that you can enjoy the clarity of the water available, you can take your best photo spots in this bath. You need to know, still you have to follow the rules when in the bath.

Coban Kedung
The latter as a free of charge tourist attraction is Coban Kedung Malang. The location of Coban Kedung itself is in Sentor, Malang. Coban Kedung is open at eight o’clock in the morning until it closes at 5 pm. Access to the Cobung Kedung is quite difficult to pass, even so when entering into it will not be disappointed.

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