5 Shocking Benefits of Culture Shock (Self-transformation in New Culture)

Thanks to modern technology, the world is becoming a very integrated place. You can move from one area to another easily. However, the ease of mobility is not always pleasant. Each area embraces a certain culture that is adopted by its people. Because of that, you may experience culture shock when going to a new place. This situation does not always yield a negative effect, though.

The Shock Expands Knowledge about Intercultural Interactions

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When you are experiencing this shock, do not pack your bag and go back to your old place when you are sensing something amiss. Coping with the new situation is a much better option. Here are coping ways that will expand your knowledge about intercultural interaction.

  • Keeping your mind as open as possible.
  • Learning the deep meaning of cultural practices at your current place.
  • Getting to know more people who are native to this new culture.
  • Partaking in cultural activities at your new place.

Growing Respect and Love toward Your Origin Culture

We do not know what we have until we lose it. This notion sums up culture shock aptly. The second phase of this phenomenon is called negotiating. In the negotiation phase, anxiety begins since you start realizing the cultural differences.

Because of this, you will start growing fonder about your origin culture. People who experience the shock often find that there is no better place than home. This situation can even encourage you to learn further about cultural identity and other products from origin culture.
Improving Open-mindedness

The best way to cope with shock that comes from the transition to the new place is keeping your mind open. If you want to survive the phases, you should not hold prejudice against the new culture. You have to accept anything that comes in your way in stride.

If you keep that, you will become an open-minded individual after going through its phases. That experience is certainly daunting. However, that will give you long-lasting effect which can be very helpful to your future. In the future, people who do not have this quality may suffer.

This Shock Increases Self Maturity

People who are experiencing this shock often tend to get moody. Missing your previous place is a common symptom.
This condition stresses them out in ways that some parts of their personalities can be altered. However, that negative symptoms are important for your individual growth.

Mature people are the ones who have experienced many adversities and still come out intact. They will apply knowledge and skills that they gained from hardships to the new situation. People with a high level of maturity will thrive in their future endeavors.

Elevating Confidence in Yourself

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When you are moving to a new place with the different cultural situation that what you use to, a sense of perplexity will most likely appear. Of course, that feeling can get very upsetting. The worst thing that can happen is that you are often expected to still function normally.

However, once that storm has calmed down you can expect to come out more confident in your resilience and ability. You have found out that you can endure culture shock at the new place. Now, you can take on bigger challenges that come your way.

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