7 Facial Care Ideas for Males

Gone are the times when being unkempt was an indication of masculinity. Girls need a well-kept and groomed man, however you do not have to get mani-pedis for this. And yow will discover plenty of data on magnificence ideas for ladies, however magnificence ideas for males, effectively, not as a lot. Girls aren’t the one one who wants a skincare regime, males, you want it too!

Solely cleaning and moisturizing isn’t sufficient to maintain male pores and skin wholesome and clear. To keep away from dry, boring and brittle pores and skin you must observe this simple skincare regime. We offer you a listing of magnificence ideas for males that may show to be very useful:

1. CTM is crucial

Like girls, the CTM routine (cleaning, firming and moisturising) is simply as essential for males. They’re uncovered to air pollution, automotive exhaust, cigarette smoke and different pollution each day, which injury the pores and skin.

Additionally, males are likely to have oilier and thicker pores and skin than girls. They should use facial cleanser that works on every kind of pores and skin.

Cleaning is crucial to sanitize your pores and skin and remove lifeless pores and skin cells. Use delicate cleanser that cleanses the pores and skin with out drying it.

Males are lazy to scrub their face earlier than going to the mattress and that causes comedone. Cleaning is should to keep away from whitehead, blackhead and zits. And for firming, you’ll be able to even use a fundamental rose water potion.

And moisturizing helps to deal with to prevents cracks, dry and boring pores and skin. Itchy pores and skin is painful and to heal such pores and skin sort it is very important apply thick moisturizing cream in your pores and skin and physique. Thick moisturizer doesn’t suggest greasy formulation, there are moisturizers which can be gentle and hold your pores and skin protected for lengthy hours.

2. All the time apply sunscreen

Facial care for men

One other factor males are likely to ignore is the sunscreen. You have to apply a sunscreen with minimal SPF 30. It’s not the warmth that causes tanning however the solar rays that spoils the color and texture of your pores and skin.

To reduce tanning, apply it in your face in addition to fingers. Be sure you apply the suncreen 15 minutes earlier than heading out, so it will get absorbed higher.

3. Exfoliate every day

Exfoliation is essential to remove lifeless pores and skin cells from accumulating and inflicting bacterial an infection in your pores and skin. If you don’t scrub your pores and skin, your pores will construct up filth, inflicting your pores and skin to interrupt out extra usually. Acing the checklist of ‘magnificence ideas for males’ is exfoliating the pores and skin.

Eradicating lifeless cells from the pores and skin’s floor leaves the face radiant and wholesome. As soon as per week, one ought to use a mild however granulated face scrub to assist smoothen the pores and skin and remove dullness.

One other benefit of exfoliating the face is that it softens the hair follicles, which ends up in a smoother shave and minimal irritation. For regular to mixture pores and skin sort, use a cream-based scrub or a gel-based scrub to remove filth out of your face.

4. Keep away from wrinkles

The pores and skin across the eyes, particularly, lacks in sweat and oil glands; making it extremely inclined to under-eye dehydration. This manifests as superb strains and wrinkles finally.

To stop this, dab just a little hydrating eye cream round your peepers each morning and earlier than bedtime. Select from the assorted males’s eye lotions accessible available in the market.

5. Lips age quick

It’s essential take note of your lips as effectively. In addition they tan and get chapped and may look unhealthy. A superb lip balm is a should to treatment all these issues; it additionally makes them comfortable and supple. Additionally, do you know that lips age with time? Look carefully within the mirror, and you’ll discover the superb strains.

Because the years go by, the lips begin wanting chapped. Males haven’t got the benefit of make-up to cover this impact. They need to all the time apply a lip balm with a excessive SPF in the course of the day, and a hydrating and nourishing lip balm at evening.

6. Manicure for man

Guys Skin Care Routine

Manicure isn’t meant for simply girls. Even males ought to hold a detailed watch on their fingers. The nails should be neatly trimmed and fingers cleaned. Embrace this in your checklist of ‘magnificence ideas for males’and spot the change.

7. Hold you beard clear

It is completely superb to sport a beard, for those who suppose that makes a mode assertion. However be certain that you retain it clear, in order that fears about itchiness do not come between you and your beloved whilst you take pleasure in your dialog and meal. Merely observe a number of fundamental hygiene measures.

One of the best factor to do is to scrub your beard with a face wash or shampoo. However be certain that you do not over shampoo your beard. It could utterly take away pure oils that hold your beard wholesome and moisturised. You may additionally apply some beard oil with perfume after washing it.

Easy Ways to Removing plaque and tartar from teeth

Tartar or dental calculus is plaque that has hardened on the teeth. Plaque is formed due to food debris and dirt left in the teeth and eventually accumulate and turn into coral.
Besides being able to make teeth unsightly and reduce confidence, tartar can also be dangerous if left untreated. Some diseases can arise, such as gum inflammation that makes the gums sensitive and bleeds easily. If left unchecked, gum inflammation can spread to the alveolar bone of the tooth and cause damage. Other problems that can arise due to tartar is bad breath and cavities.
In addition to taking care of the dentist, tartar can also be overcome by doing a few simple things. Here is an easy way to overcome tartar:

1. Diligently brush your teeth

The main cause of the formation of tartar is due to dirt and remnants of food that is left to accumulate in the teeth. Therefore, the best way to avoid tartar growth is to regularly brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day. Brush your teeth for 2 minutes, to make sure the teeth have been thoroughly cleaned.
Use a toothbrush with soft bristles so as not to hurt the gums, and the size of the brush head that matches the width of the mouth so it is not difficult to reach the back of the teeth. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the toothbrush and don’t forget to replace the toothbrush every 3 months, because old toothbrushes that are not replaced can also become a den of bacteria.

2. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride

The fluoride content in toothpaste is very important because it can expel bacteria that attach to the teeth, so tartar cannot develop. Fluoride can also make tooth enamel stronger and less hollow. In addition to fluoride, toothpaste that contains antimicrobial ingredients such as zinc citrate and triclosan is also effective in helping to fight tartar.

3. Flossing

Brushing your teeth is not enough to maintain oral and dental hygiene. Sometimes, there is still dirt in the area that cannot be reached by a toothbrush which will eventually cause bacteria to accumulate and cause the growth of tartar. To avoid this, flossing or flossing is needed.
In addition to avoiding tartar growth, diligent flossing can also prevent bad breath and cavities.

How to Get Water Out of Ear

4. Use mouthwash

Mouthwash not only serves to overcome bad breath, but can also help prevent the accumulation of tartar. By using mouthwash, teeth get more protection from bacteria in the mouth. Routine use of mouthwash can also help prevent cavities, and inflammation of the gums.

5. Consumption of strawberries

This tiny red fruit has an acid content that can remove teeth and mouth from a variety of leftovers and bacteria. Vitamin C contained in it can also naturally knock down tartar. For this reason, it is recommended to regularly consume strawberries to maintain oral and dental hygiene.

6. Reduce sweet foods

Sweet foods and drinks high in sugar can make plaque produce more acid. This excessive acid production can make bacteria in the mouth more sticky and become plaques that are difficult to clean. Therefore, we must protect what we eat so that it does not become an opportunity for bacteria to multiply.

How To Get Rid Of Head Lice Without Cutting Your Hair

Symptoms of head lice are an itch on the scalp. This certainly makes people with head lice uncomfortable and uncomfortable with the itching that continues to appear on the part of their head. Especially if when outside the home and public places.
Head lice are tiny wingless insects that suck blood, which live and perch on human heads. Adult lice are generally the size of sesame seeds, while their eggs are about the size of small flakes of dandruff.

Hair lice are contagious. This transmission can be caused by several things. Like from touching the head of someone who is infected with lice, or sharing the same items with people who have head lice, especially combs, helmets, hats, towels, or sheets.

People who are infected, of course, want the head louse to disappear completely quickly. A study conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains that eliminating flea eggs is useless, even if using a flea comb can help.
Quoted from Healthline, here are some easy and efficient ways you can do to get rid of head lice.

1. Wet comb method

Combing your hair when it’s wet is one of the traditional ways to get rid of head lice. The British Medical Journal says that this method is useful so that lice that settle on the hair can be seen clearly, and help distinguish them from dandruff.
This technique is done by spraying conditioner on strands of wet hair, and using a fine toothed comb to examine each strand of hair clearly to get rid of lice one by one.
This wet combing method is effective, but it also takes a long time and requires sufficient patience to find and remove fleas in each strand of hair. berita teknologi

2. Eliminating lice with essential oils

Essential oil or also commonly known as essential oil is a type of vegetable oil. Some essential oils have been shown to be effective in removing head lice, along with combing strands of hair.
Some essential oils that have shown effectiveness in removing head lice are tea tree oil, lavender oil, neem oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, and so on.
To use it, mix 15-20 drops of oil with 2 ounces of olive oil. After that, apply the liquid mixture to the scalp with cotton pads
and leave it for about 12 hours. Don’t forget to comb, then wash your head with shampoo and rinse.

3. Carry out treatment

There are several treatments that can be done to get rid of head lice. Some effective treatments for eliminating head lice include lotion malathion (ovide), ivermectin (sklice), spinousad (natroba), benzil alcohol (ulesfia), and lindane (kwell and thionex).
In general, the treatment is applied to the scalp, wait for a few minutes and rinse with water. And it’s good to pay further attention to the method and recommendations for use and side effects of the lotion before it is used for treatment to eliminate head lice.

4. Clean the items around the house

Head lice will not actually live far from the scalp, nor will flea eggs hatch in room temperature environments. With this, cleaning the house as a whole is not effective.
However, clean and wash items at home that may have lice in them such as hats, pillowcases, and combs. Dolls and other items that cannot be washed can be wrapped in plastic.
For washing, put items affected by fleas in hot water at least 54 degrees Celsius. After that, dry for 15 minutes or more. Fleas that fall to the floor can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. by Bunga

Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/head-lice

How to prevent pimples: 5 tips to eliminate acne

Acne is still a skin problem that is hated by many people. The reason, because acne can interfere with the appearance that ultimately makes people lose confidence. There have been many efforts made to combat acne, ranging from natural medicine to treatment to the doctor.
But there are some simple ways that are believed to help in fighting acne. Here are ways to fight acne that you can apply everyday.

1. Wash your face twice a day
One cause of the appearance of acne is due to bacteria that attach to the skin and excess oil production. For that, if you want to have clean, acne-free skin, you must keep your face clean. Be sure to clean your face regularly twice a day, ie at night and morning.
Washing your face regularly is not only to maintain skin cleanliness, but also can provide many good effects for the skin. As to shrink pores, help the skin in the regeneration process, and detoxifies toxins.

2. Double cleansing
Facial soap alone is not enough to clean the face of dirt, for that you need to do double-cleansing. Double cleansing is not only needed for those who use makeup, but also for people who do a lot of activities.
To do double-cleansing the first thing to do is to clean dust and dirt with a cleanser, such as cleansing oil, cleansing milk, micellar water, or makeup wipes. Then clean the remnants of dirt with facial washing soap and water.

3. Use anti-acne products
In choosing facial care products, you need to pay attention to the contents that are in these products. Choose products that contain anti-acne ingredients such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and many more. For make up products, choose products that don’t clog pores or are non-comedogenic and are oil-free.
You also have to be careful of some ingredients, one of which is alcohol. Although not all types of alcohol are not good for the skin, but there are several types that should be avoided such as ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, and denat alcohol. Coconut oil is also included in one of the ingredients that must be avoided for facial acne, because it has comedogenic properties that can clog pores.

4. Don’t touch the face
Seeing acne that is inflamed on the face sometimes makes us want to touch or even squeeze it. In fact, it can make zits turn into wounds which eventually slow down the healing process. Especially if you touch pimples with dirty hands, there will be many bacteria that move and aggravate the condition of acne or even cause new zits.

6. Keep clean
Dust and dirt that cause acne are everywhere, including in everyday objects such as pillows and makeup brushes. Wash your brushes and makeup sponges every 2-3 weeks to avoid bacteria from sticking to your face. Cleanliness of pillowcases and bed linen must also be considered, because when we sleep there will be a lot of bacteria attached to the face.

7. Exfoliate
Exfoliation is an important thing to do. Its function is to remove dead skin cells and dirt that accumulate and clog the skin. Exfoliating with a scrub may look terrible for acne prone skin because it can irritate the skin. Therefore, chemical exfoliation is the best exfoliation method for acne prone skin.
Materials commonly used as chemical exfoliators include glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid.

Benefits of Writing for Physical and Mental Health

Writing, especially by hand, has a positive impact on mental health. In addition, stress and bodily functions can also be better.

At the very least, writing by hand for several minutes each day can make life better. Reporting from the New York Post, here are 4 benefits of writing.

1. Helps to sleep faster

A study at Baylor University, United States found that writing down a to-do list for the next day, before you go to sleep, helps sleep 10 minutes faster.

“We have known for several years that writing activity helps reduce cognitive arousal and worry,” Dr. Michael K. Scullin, Director of Baylor’s Sleep Neuroscience and Cognition Laboratory at Moneyish.

2. Reducing stress and helping to overcome failure

A study at Rutgers found that keeping records of past failures can help you face the next challenge with less stress and a higher chance of success.

“These findings show that writing and thinking critically about past failures can prepare individuals both physiologically and cognitively for new challenges,” writes study author Brynne DiMenichi, doctoral candidate from Rutgers University-Newark.

3. Help get a job

A 2017 study was conducted on 63 newly unemployed people. They were asked to write emotions about losing their jobs. 33 percent of participants were found to be more likely to find work again than those who did not write about job loss.

Research in the Academy of Management Journal looked at engineers after they were fired from work and found that 52 percent of those who wrote down their thoughts and feelings were more likely to be rehired than 19 percent who did not write at all or wrote different topics.

4. Helps the body recover faster

Studies published in Psychosomatic Medicine say that writing expressively helps the body recover faster from medical procedures.

The study found that of 49 adults aged 64 to 97 who took a biopsy, and more than 76 percent who performed expressive writing for 20 minutes per day in three days for two weeks, had recovered completely on the eleventh day

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