Benefits of Writing for Physical and Mental Health

Writing, especially by hand, has a positive impact on mental health. In addition, stress and bodily functions can also be better.

At the very least, writing by hand for several minutes each day can make life better. Reporting from the New York Post, here are 4 benefits of writing.

1. Helps to sleep faster

A study at Baylor University, United States found that writing down a to-do list for the next day, before you go to sleep, helps sleep 10 minutes faster.

“We have known for several years that writing activity helps reduce cognitive arousal and worry,” Dr. Michael K. Scullin, Director of Baylor’s Sleep Neuroscience and Cognition Laboratory at Moneyish.

2. Reducing stress and helping to overcome failure

A study at Rutgers found that keeping records of past failures can help you face the next challenge with less stress and a higher chance of success.

“These findings show that writing and thinking critically about past failures can prepare individuals both physiologically and cognitively for new challenges,” writes study author Brynne DiMenichi, doctoral candidate from Rutgers University-Newark.

3. Help get a job

A 2017 study was conducted on 63 newly unemployed people. They were asked to write emotions about losing their jobs. 33 percent of participants were found to be more likely to find work again than those who did not write about job loss.

Research in the Academy of Management Journal looked at engineers after they were fired from work and found that 52 percent of those who wrote down their thoughts and feelings were more likely to be rehired than 19 percent who did not write at all or wrote different topics.

4. Helps the body recover faster

Studies published in Psychosomatic Medicine say that writing expressively helps the body recover faster from medical procedures.

The study found that of 49 adults aged 64 to 97 who took a biopsy, and more than 76 percent who performed expressive writing for 20 minutes per day in three days for two weeks, had recovered completely on the eleventh day

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