From Black Sand To Natural Pool, Checkout 4 Unique Malang Beaches

Do you know how much nature made recreation in Malang? How much do you know about the beaches? Think again! A lot of tourists are attracted by how beautiful the city itself. From the tons of historical locations, buildings, mild climate, the mountains view, and even more the stunning beaches. All of Malang beaches are located in the south. If you are interested, this is a list of beaches and how to get there.

Going To South Malang

If you get off the plane from Juanda Airport, Surabaya, there are many ways to reach Malang. You can do it by using public transportation such as a train or bus. You may have to spend more time, but it is worth the money. After arriving in Malang, you can rent a car for a further journey. It is also recommended to use rent car Surabaya, so you don’t need to transit. The duration from Malang to the beach might take around two hours.

Top 4 Unique South Malang’s Beaches  

1. Licin Beaches

Unique beaches are lined up on the South Malang. Along the main road, you can find a lot of beaches, but you can try to visit Pantai Licin. You may have to venture quite far, but what it offers would never disappoint you. Pantai Licin has astounding views and unique black sand that resulted from mount Semeru activity. The name means slippery beach, which refers to the slick moss that grows around the beach.

2. Batu Bengkung Beaches

Go ahead further on the main road with your rented car. Using rent car Surabaya gives you the advantage to visit as many beaches as you want, including Pantai Batu Bengkung. The rocky beach that transforms into natural beach Jacuzzi portrays huge contrast of magnificent crashing waves. The coral wall work as the barricade that separates the two contrasting phenomena. Swimming here will be a heart-thumping experience.

3. Banyu Anjlok Beaches

banyu anjlok beaches, malang

Looking for a serene beach? Don’t worry, take your steps to the natural poll on top of the waterfall at Pantai Banyu Anjlok. Indulge yourself in the beauty of nature while taking a dip on the calming waters of the natural pool. You can also take some pictures as this place is known as a 5-star photo location. Dive in and out the poll, enjoy the waterfall while feast the luxurious exclusive like beach’s sunset.

4. Ngliyep Beaches

Nothing beats the beauty of white sand, blue ocean, and the clear sky of Malang beach. The white sand along with the rocky shore serves as the best picturesque scene for your pictures. Spend your time and feast your eyes with the infamous mesmerizing sunrise and sunset. If you look for more adventure, go to Mount Kombang or head over to Bukit Cinta Kasih (Hills of love) for more experience in here.

How about that? Interested to visit South Malang? Take your time and enjoy the trip before you meet with the spectacular beaches. You can find all of those beaches lined up along the main road. If you drive through the path, you will find more mesmerizing beaches. However, those four options are the best course to take. Each has different attractiveness which will leave unforgettable memories on your mind.

Top 4 Must-Visit Surabaya Tourism Destinations You Should Know

As one of the biggest and the most populated city in Indonesia, Surabaya is full of crowd. From the day till night, this city won’t be quiet. Unfortunately, this city is not one of the famous holiday destinations but more known as a business city. Even so, Surabaya still has some charms with quite a several interesting Surabaya tourism destinations. What are they? check out this article for more information about the tourism destination.

Surabaya’s As The Biggest City In East Java

You should understand that this city is regarded as the center of East Java. Mainly as the capital of East Java, this city is like the central hub of government, transportations, and business. It has port and airport where export and import occur. You may think that there is not enough attraction here. But still, this city also has some interesting destinations. There are some old historical buildings, parks, attractions, café, pub, and many other places.

Surabaya’s Must-Visit Holiday Destination

1. House of Sampoerna

This place is located at Taman Sampoerna no.5. You can use rent car Surabaya and drive to this location to witness the majestic historical building and museum of Indonesian cigarettes business, Sampoerna. You can learn and observe the fast pacing almost lightning fast hand-rolled cigar production. Or you can enjoy the museum’s old – classic – themed café and gift shop while admiring the art installation and building.

2. Air Mancur Menari At Kenjeran

Spare a tad bit of time to visit the infamous dancing fountain near the Surabaya bridge at Kenjeran. Inaugurated on July 9, 2016, the 800- meter dancing fountain along with the spectacular view of the bridge has turned the place into a hip tourist destination. Equipped with colorful and beautiful lightings, the fountain successfully attracts tourist and make the coastal area look even more modern and attractive.

3. Monkasel Submarine Visit

Monkasel Submarine Visit

If you use rent car Surabaya’s service, take time and visit the infamous Russian Submarine – Monkasel. This historical submarine is known as one of the wartime vehicle that services Indonesia shortly after Indonesian independence. After being decommissioned and a long time being unused, the Momkasel was turned into a tourist attraction. You can venture, explore, and tour the interior of the submarine that rest on Jl. Pemuda.

4. Mangrove Wonorejo

Doesn’t have mountainous areas, doesn’t means unable to attract tourist with beautiful nature destination. Mangrove Wonorejo ecotourism area is one of the must-visit Surabaya tourism destinations. Called as Bamboo forest, this area offers you the views of green and lush mangrove forests. Tracking down the path, you will later able to explore the forest without afraid of the tide. This place is located at Jl. Raya Wonorejo No.1.

Those are some places you should visit when staying at Surabaya. As one of the business-centered cities, Surabaya might not have a lot of holiday destinations. However, at some point, there are still some charming stops. From the historical Sampoerna house, the newly established dancing fountain of Kenjeran, the lush green mangrove forest, and the famous Monkasel submarine, there are many more Surabaya’s holiday destinations that worth to visit.

Things To Do For Remarkable Surabaya Nightlife Moments

Surabaya is one of the biggest city in Indonesia. Even though it is not necessarily the must-visit place in Indonesia, but this city has a lot to offer. Thriving with the busy street and honking cars during the day, there is much more to enjoy at the nighttime. You can enjoy the Surabaya Nightlife parties, spend the night with family, or just relax. Take this list as your recommendation.

Hit The Night Parties At Pub And Club

1. Jimmy’s Club and Lounge

Open from 10 pm to 3 am, this location is worth to visit for all the night goers. Being part of the infamous JW Marriott Hotel, this place has fantastic live performances by all the DJ Nights and bands. Located in the JW Marriot Hotel, at 85 – 89 Jalang Embong Malang you will be met with hi-tech facilities, attended a few working girls, and crowding dance floor which almost on all days of the week.

2. Our Bar

Enjoy having drinks in the relaxing setting both indoor or outdoor? Visit Our Bar. This particular bar has both indoor as well as the stunning relaxing outdoor area. While the outside area offers a calm atmosphere, the indoor bar will give you the best DJ nights and music shows. Located at 17 Embong Cerme, this Bar will be open from 5 PM to 1 AM. Rent car Surabaya is available for you who are looking for transportation.

Family Friendly Night Out At The Night Market Or Carnival

1. Pasar Malam Kodam

If you are visiting Surabaya with the family, you can bring them to enjoy the nightlife by coming to Pasar Malam Kodam. Located at JL. Raden Wijaya No. 2, Wonokromo, this place is perfect for food and shopping junkies. You can found lots and lots of stalls selling foods, toys, clothes, or even home décor. While here take a chance to try Indonesian traditional delicacies.

2. Surabaya Night Carnival

Looking for a bit of thrill? Come and bring your family to play with amusement rides in these places. Open for all the days throughout the week, you can use rent car Surabaya and drive to Jalan Ahamad Yani no.333 at Dukuh Menenggal. Many attractions are open for the night, and best visited at night. There are merry go round, Ferris wheel, Pirate Ghost Ship, etc.

Relaxing Night At Surabaya

While you are in Indonesia, there is nothing wrong with trying the Indonesian massage technique. Many spas are set up in this city to give you the most relaxing and serene Surabaya Nightlife. Some places that open quite late are Tirta Ayu Spa Royal Gallery Kayoon (from 10 AM – 9 PM) and Vous Spa which is ready to serve you till 11 Pm.

Those are things you can do to liven up your night time at Surabaya. Being one of the busiest city in Indonesia, this city offers different charm during the night. You can join the party at some pubs or clubs, relax and enjoy the night at a spa, or bring your family to spend the night at the night markets. Get your memorable nightlife moments in Surabaya with all those recommended activities and locations.

7 Issues You Did not Know About Indonesian Delicacies

Be it nasi goreng or scrumptious rendang, every recipe in Indonesia is a manifestation of the nation’s historical past and tradition. Understanding this can allow you to recognize the scrumptious delicacies of Indonesia for the way great it really is.

In a rustic so wealthy in historical past and custom like Indonesia, a meal isn’t only a meal. Traditions, tales and tradition are cooked into each recipe, creating a singular delicacies cherished by many.

Indonesian meals is the product of the nation’s personal historical recipes, refined by influences from different cultures seen all through India, China, the Center East and extra. From its origins to trendy practices, listed below are seven intriguing stuff you didn’t learn about Indonesian delicacies.

‘Indonesian delicacies’ is an oversimplification

Rendang padang beef

Identical to many issues in Indonesia, the meals is as numerous because it will get. Each ethnicity within the nation holds distinctive recipes particular to their tradition. The favored Padang delicacies, for instance, makes use of loads of chili and spices to maintain individuals heat, as they dwell in chilly highlands.

Candy Javanese meals however, was influenced by the abundance of sugar manufacturing throughout colonial instances. Apart from local weather and historic affect, conventional recipes often characteristic substances native to that space.

In Indonesia, one dish can have dozens of variations throughout localities. The famed satay, for instance, has at the very least 20 completely different recipes adopted in several areas, relying on the native style and availability of substances.

For instance, the Balinese satay lilit makes use of coconut milk and lemongrass, substances which might be available within the area. Satay from Padang however, is drenched in a curry-like sauce typical to Padang delicacies.

It’s not an actual meal with out rice

Rice is a staple meals within the Indonesian food plan. The goddess of rice, Dewi Sri, is extremely revered in Java and Bali and due to this divine inspiration virtually every thing comes with rice on the facet – even carb-loaded meals like noodles or potatoes!

For many individuals, meals like bread, cereal, and even pizza depend solely as snacks, as they aren’t consumed with a portion of rice.

Indonesians additionally use rice to make numerous desserts, akin to tasty rice pudding. Other than rice, some cultures in Indonesia produce other staple meals akin to cassava, candy potatoes, and corn.

Indonesian delicacies is influenced by Chinese language cooking

Indonesian meals carries loads of affect in its personal proper, however Chinese language immigrants contributed an awesome deal in making Indonesian delicacies what it’s as we speak. As Chinese language immigrants settled in Indonesia, each wave of arrival noticed its traditions and recipes combine with native tradition.

Even the famed nasi goreng was adopted from a Chinese language custom of frying leftover rice within the morning. A number of Chinese language-origin dishes in Indonesia have been assimilated so deeply that many individuals don’t even realise their roots. This contains fashionable road meals dishes like siomay, bakso meatballs, and bakmi.

Indonesia and halal meals

Indonesia is dwelling to the most important Muslim inhabitants on the planet, a actuality that extends to the realms of meals.

For the reason that arrival of Islam within the archipelago, many conventional recipes have been modified to adjust to the rules of halal, most evidently by substituting pork with different meat. These days, pork dishes are slightly onerous to come back by – besides in non-Muslim areas and Chinatowns.

Every little thing tastes higher with sambal and krupuk

There are dozens of sambal (spicy condiment) recipes identified in Indonesia. If the French pair their meals with wine, you’ll study that dishes in Indonesia go along with a sure sambal to make it full. The identical goes with krupuk or crackers.

Sambal and krupuk might include the dish you order or supplied as a condiment on the restaurant desk. Indonesians may be content material with actually easy meals so long as there’s sambal and krupuk to accompany it.

Some fashionable sambal recipes embrace the Balinese sambal matah with its contemporary chilli, lemongrass, and lime; sambal terasi with the native favorite shrimp paste; and sambal kacang, which makes use of peanuts and chilli.

Indonesians love their spices


Indonesia is dwelling to the Moluccas archipelago, generally known as the fabled ‘Spice Islands’ sought out by 16th century European nations. The nation is credited with introducing the world to a tapestry of recent flavours and sensations.

Indonesia stays one of many world’s high producers of spices, giving us nutmeg, clove, galangal, pandan leaves, and others that are included into many conventional recipes. These native spices quickly combine with different herbs launched from India and China, akin to turmeric, lemongrass and scallions.

An genuine conventional recipe might checklist virtually a dozen herb and spice substances to make one dish, leading to a exceptional and distinctive style cherished by many.

You can find more Indonesian food or in bahasa it is called makanan khas Indonesia at Mas Fikr.

Consuming is best collectively

Many Indonesian meals have been initially created as communal dishes, served throughout conventional ceremonies, rituals, or gatherings.

The Sundanese, for instance, have a convention known as ngaliwet, which began by pooling cash collectively to purchase substances, adopted by cooking collectively after which consuming the dish as a gaggle, as communal parts are laid on one huge banana leaf.

This sense of togetherness remains to be an vital a part of an area eating expertise, it doesn’t matter what meal you’re having.

7 Facial Care Ideas for Males

Gone are the times when being unkempt was an indication of masculinity. Girls need a well-kept and groomed man, however you do not have to get mani-pedis for this. And yow will discover plenty of data on magnificence ideas for ladies, however magnificence ideas for males, effectively, not as a lot. Girls aren’t the one one who wants a skincare regime, males, you want it too!

Solely cleaning and moisturizing isn’t sufficient to maintain male pores and skin wholesome and clear. To keep away from dry, boring and brittle pores and skin you must observe this simple skincare regime. We offer you a listing of magnificence ideas for males that may show to be very useful:

1. CTM is crucial

Like girls, the CTM routine (cleaning, firming and moisturising) is simply as essential for males. They’re uncovered to air pollution, automotive exhaust, cigarette smoke and different pollution each day, which injury the pores and skin.

Additionally, males are likely to have oilier and thicker pores and skin than girls. They should use facial cleanser that works on every kind of pores and skin.

Cleaning is crucial to sanitize your pores and skin and remove lifeless pores and skin cells. Use delicate cleanser that cleanses the pores and skin with out drying it.

Males are lazy to scrub their face earlier than going to the mattress and that causes comedone. Cleaning is should to keep away from whitehead, blackhead and zits. And for firming, you’ll be able to even use a fundamental rose water potion.

And moisturizing helps to deal with to prevents cracks, dry and boring pores and skin. Itchy pores and skin is painful and to heal such pores and skin sort it is very important apply thick moisturizing cream in your pores and skin and physique. Thick moisturizer doesn’t suggest greasy formulation, there are moisturizers which can be gentle and hold your pores and skin protected for lengthy hours.

2. All the time apply sunscreen

Facial care for men

One other factor males are likely to ignore is the sunscreen. You have to apply a sunscreen with minimal SPF 30. It’s not the warmth that causes tanning however the solar rays that spoils the color and texture of your pores and skin.

To reduce tanning, apply it in your face in addition to fingers. Be sure you apply the suncreen 15 minutes earlier than heading out, so it will get absorbed higher.

3. Exfoliate every day

Exfoliation is essential to remove lifeless pores and skin cells from accumulating and inflicting bacterial an infection in your pores and skin. If you don’t scrub your pores and skin, your pores will construct up filth, inflicting your pores and skin to interrupt out extra usually. Acing the checklist of ‘magnificence ideas for males’ is exfoliating the pores and skin.

Eradicating lifeless cells from the pores and skin’s floor leaves the face radiant and wholesome. As soon as per week, one ought to use a mild however granulated face scrub to assist smoothen the pores and skin and remove dullness.

One other benefit of exfoliating the face is that it softens the hair follicles, which ends up in a smoother shave and minimal irritation. For regular to mixture pores and skin sort, use a cream-based scrub or a gel-based scrub to remove filth out of your face.

4. Keep away from wrinkles

The pores and skin across the eyes, particularly, lacks in sweat and oil glands; making it extremely inclined to under-eye dehydration. This manifests as superb strains and wrinkles finally.

To stop this, dab just a little hydrating eye cream round your peepers each morning and earlier than bedtime. Select from the assorted males’s eye lotions accessible available in the market.

5. Lips age quick

It’s essential take note of your lips as effectively. In addition they tan and get chapped and may look unhealthy. A superb lip balm is a should to treatment all these issues; it additionally makes them comfortable and supple. Additionally, do you know that lips age with time? Look carefully within the mirror, and you’ll discover the superb strains.

Because the years go by, the lips begin wanting chapped. Males haven’t got the benefit of make-up to cover this impact. They need to all the time apply a lip balm with a excessive SPF in the course of the day, and a hydrating and nourishing lip balm at evening.

6. Manicure for man

Guys Skin Care Routine

Manicure isn’t meant for simply girls. Even males ought to hold a detailed watch on their fingers. The nails should be neatly trimmed and fingers cleaned. Embrace this in your checklist of ‘magnificence ideas for males’and spot the change.

7. Hold you beard clear

It is completely superb to sport a beard, for those who suppose that makes a mode assertion. However be certain that you retain it clear, in order that fears about itchiness do not come between you and your beloved whilst you take pleasure in your dialog and meal. Merely observe a number of fundamental hygiene measures.

One of the best factor to do is to scrub your beard with a face wash or shampoo. However be certain that you do not over shampoo your beard. It could utterly take away pure oils that hold your beard wholesome and moisturised. You may additionally apply some beard oil with perfume after washing it.