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Stun Gun | Less than Lethal Weapons

The stun gun is one of the most popular self-defense tools because it is able to stop an attacker without creating long-term damage (in most cases). It is a hand-held, battery-powered device designed to deliver an electric shock to an attacker. These are not guns in the traditional sense, because they don’t shoot bullets or ammo at anything or anybody. A stun gun has two prongs at the end of the device. Touching an attacker with the prongs and pulling the trigger will cause an electrical current to go from the prongs through the attacker’s clothes into their body.

Jim Pruett's Guns and Ammo – Houston Gun Dealer - carries stun guns and other non-lethal weapons like pepper sprays and tasers. If you’re interested in learning about stun guns and/or other types of weapons, come in and speak with one of our weapons experts. Our self defense classes will educate you on how to properly use any type of self-defense weapon you choose.

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