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Rifle Ammunition | Bullets & Cartridges

Rifle Ammo is a very popular purchase at our Houston Gun and Ammo store. Rifles are used as hunting guns, home defense guns, and target practice as well as competition guns, thus requiring all different types of ammunition. The rifle is a very interesting piece of equipment as the inside of the barrel is grooved in a pattern such so the projective or ammo load spins while traveling down the barrel.

Rifles typically fire one projectile at a time with each pull of the trigger and we carry bullets accordingly. Some military style rifles fire projectiles in bursts. The difference between military style rifles and a general rifle is that non-military rifles tend to heat up and overheat relatively quickly. Machine guns and military style rifles are built to handle multiple shots and the extreme heat diffused due to the spinning of bullets traveling through the long barrel.

Whether you are defending your home or practicing at a range, we have the ammunition for you. Swing by your favorite Houston gun dealer and view the large variety of rifle ammunition we have for sale.

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